Léfésonor vol.2 – A Hippytronic Ballad

Take a bit of talented artists coming from all over the Old Continent and make them breathe, create and perform like if nothing else existed. Add some slices of notes delivering electronic beats inspired by Love, machines and the will to take the ears a thousands kilometers away, in some imaginary space where sounds don’t belong to time nor place, apart from the world.

You’ll find the essence of the « Hippytronic Ballad », the new compilation Plynt & léfésonor have released after the successful « A Bunch Of Cosmics » last year.
The ones who try out the exiting release party in November in Brussels are certainly cursed by this Love and Beats composition. For the others, rush on the album and enter the void to start your hippytronic ballad !



Plynt 009

Mastering by Jérémy Michel at Low Man’s Land Studios
Artwork by Maxime Delporte