Léfésonor vol. 1 — A Bunch Of Cosmics

Léfésonor is a radio show that focused on various types of electronic music and was broadcast on Radio Campus, an independent community FM station in Brussels. For almost 4 years, this weekly programme showcased the work of over 80 local and international musicians, djs and selectors. The artists involved were given carte blanche for an hour and a half, live on air with an unrestricted choice of genres, instruments and styles. The result was a very diverse listening experience which mirrored the scene’s vitality, open-mindedness and generosity.

For this first edition of a new series, Plynt and Léfésonor have invited a few artists whose music dances with the stars. “A Bunch Of Cosmics” are those different life forms who pulsate to the same beats and sounds, floating somewhere out there in the milky way, and connecting with us like satellites. This listening trip will go through dark, luminous and infinite space, passing by spiral galaxies and big Quasars, fighting against stellar winds and Supernova explosions to finally reach joyful new dimensions.

Digital Format

Plynt 005

Mastering by Jérémy Michel at Low Man’s Land Studio
Artwork by Maxime Delporte