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For this compilation, the Plynt crew (at that time named Aeclectrick Records) teamed up with Dubstep DJ Bunzer0 (FWF crew, Sub FM FOB Show) to deliver a snapshot of the Dubstep scene as it lived in year 2007 across the UK, Europe and the US.

Dubstep was born in the early years of the millenium in a grim London suburb, and has since passed the channel and the ocean, appealing to an ever broader set of producers, while keeping it’s unique touch thanks to the quality of the Dubstep community. Born as a child of Dub and 2 Step, Dubstep disrupts the music paradigms with the extreme care given to all aspects of the bassline.

CD & Digital Format

Aecd 003

  1. Ramadanman  — Hungarian Skank
  2. Marlow  — Tremor (UK)
  3. Djunya — Rooted (USA)
  4. Ekaj — Moments (UK)
  5. Grand Danois — Yell Of The Spirit (DK)
  6. Connecticut — Smoky (B)
  7. Slazenger — Eightball (D)
  8. Saviour & Alchemyst — Why (B)
  9. Parson — Intrepid Trepanation (USA)
  10. Bunzero — Sneeze (B)
  11. TRG — Diplomats (Rom)
  12. Dutty Dubz — Gameboy Love (D)
  13. Metalbox — Zombie part 2 (UK)

Mastering by Transition (London)
Artwork by