U.X.O. — Raw Meat


Marco Acquaviva goes ‘back to the primivite’ . A two-night solo jam (the man is no stranger to such operations, already “Uxo1” debut album was the result of a unique session of few days), armed only with sampler and turntables; two long tracks, twenty minutes in all, basic but plentiful (and the EP up is up for free through Plynt Records), in a complete knocked-out psychedelic sampledelia.

Playing with cuts and sticks it comes out some kinda tribal Dub (the beginning of the first track); you can feel the hands that fumble on the analog hardware, you can hear the distant echoes of Mantronix-ian sirens, dipped in a muddy cosmic Black-Psychedelia and rude Wonky/Steps (end of the first track). It sounds like the best Madlib on drugs, playful and experimental, but real, substantive, clearly focused on the beat. The second track begins with a circular Funk riff and continues through tribalisms and jazzy cuts, closing with a wraparounding soft-Latin loop.

But such a description for this ‘stream of dopeness’ is objectively quite reductive. So, let’s cut it to the bone, just not to equivocate: this is an extemporary improvised work gifted with a very special inspiration.


Gabriele Marino for

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