Queen Spectra

Queen Spectra

…Mr Cristiano Crisci AKA Digi G’Alessio, is one of most prolific italian hip hop(?) producer. He’s part of the Florence based Overknights super crew and one of the hottest heads in the beautyfull peninsula. His music has been defined Dumbstep or Spaghetti Wobble. This funny subgeneres names fit his music in someway.

In fact his beats are somewhere between Dubstep, Skwee, and offcourse hip hop from which he takes the basic rules: infact the most beautyfull thing of his sound is that you can consider his tracks as a projection/ progression of the classic techniques infected by the Fat Basslines and synths from the contemporary beatmaking.

Digi makes beautyfull samples based music that bounce on the red line that connects him straight to the “true-school” thank to his love for samplers…

…and you know, samples and fun are the main aspects of the HH thinking since the oldschool, and he his taking this back thanks to his provocative punk approach that allows him to produce a wide spectrum flow of emotions: his songs can be childish, sweet, soulfull, light and comfortably poppy but suddenly they can turn in something evil, powerfull and aggressive creating a schizofrenic rainbow of colours and feelings that increase the climax and adds an abstract kind of storytelling to his albums.

Ah! His gigs are pure fire)))

So C’mon, go and get his new album on Plynt!!!

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