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He started out his musical career as a guitarist in rock bands, though that isn’t obvious by the apocalypse-strength acid techno in evidence on Johnny Superglu’s Rambo Village LP.

We caught up with Mr Superglu himself for a quick chat on what a rambo village is and whether or not his music can be defined as “Belgian skweee.”

“i found that those two words,Rambo and village put together side by side just sounded great to me, also it brings lots of images to mind ..for me, it s the imaginery place that we can reach by listening to the record, with red masked poeple dancing forever

“Soundwise, everything can be done with only a computer nowadays, but i still prefer messing around with hardware cause it makes me feel less lonely.

“I like peace of gears with sequencer included cause a sequencer is basically like a musician, it can brings unexpected ideas that will sometimes unlock what i’m stukked into

“I usualy record and edit in ableton or logic

“Skweee is the name for the chiptune funk’s a swedish producer named daniel savio who found the name. get the most with the less! you have to squeeze the life out of your synth to have the best from it. The cool thing is that when you name something it allows it to exist. when i started to produce around 2010 i found out that what i was doing was related to that scene . it was a good way to be more visible, better than sayin , yeah im doing funky tunes with cheap synthesizer.

“and belgian skweee was my way of skweeeing

“I still play guitar and guitar is still part of my music altough people dont necesserally hear it.. cause everybody expects guitar to sound like acoustic folk chord or distorded powerchord..for me it’s just a piece of wood with strings that makes sounds

“but anyway  it s something that doesn’t matter anymore..

“with all the effects you put after, guitar can sounds like a synth and synth like guitars…

“i tend to see it like an interface to play sounds whatever it’s synth, drums, bassline…or even guitar sometimes!”

We asked Johnny to list the tracks that define him best as a musician and a human. He came back with:

Errorsmith and Mark Fell – Cuica Digitales

The Beach Boys – Our Prayer

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art is internet feels: skeletons (3), 2015 by Corey Johnson