Why The Eye ? Debut Lp pre release Party

Why The Eye ? LP Pre-Release party

Why The Eye ?

Cross out the all seeing eye and ears will open onto questions tracing the lithic grooves of an anachronic industrial. Why The Eye’s paleo-futurism suggests a mode of Rock in Opposition displaced into alternate timelines. It is as if the Leg End of Henry Cow has escaped its retro-avant ‘chamber music’ fetters, toward the hypnotic patterns of dance floor exuberance.

Each track on Why the Eye ?’s leads into an exploration of an entranced dreamscape that would be mislabeled as an ‘interlude’. Instead, Why the Eye weave numerological significance into their myth: the energetic, odd-numbered tracks are counterbalanced by the mesmeric reveries of the even-numbered tracks.


An Ångström Records & Plynt Records co-production.

Release date tba


Why The Eye ? (B) – Live

Terrine (F) – Live

Viktor French (B)– DJ set

DJ ineffables (CA) – DJ set

Rachel Sassi & Ben Chaval (B) – Performance


Doors: 20:30

Entrance: 5€ / 12€ incl vinyl.

Screenprinted Vinyl EP and a custom Why The Eye Audio-Triple beer will be exclusively available at the event. &