smog n7

S M O G n7bis

Despite the surrounding psycho-mess in Brussels and one S M O G concert cancelled, we keep going! So, please be welcome to S M O G n7bis : a trip into electronics, one bit cellos and other mystic stuff.


Steve REICH, “Electric Counterpoint”, (1989)
Sami STRAZIMIRI, electric guitar + Hughes KOLP, tape

Gilles GOBERT, “Piece pour violon et électronique” (2003)
Dejana SEKULIC, violon
Gilles GOBERT, electronics

Tristan PERICH, “Formations”, (2011)
Jérémie NINOVE, cello
Pierre SLINCKX, electronics

Jacob TER VELDHUIS, “Grab it!” (1999)
Sami STRAZIMIRI, electric guitar + video
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Bar and doors open at 8h00 p.m. (más o menos)
Concerts start at 8h30 p.m. (más o menos too)
Ticket fee: 8 / 6 euro
Venue: Project(ion)room, Rue de Praetere 55, Brussels.
In coproduction with Projecti(on)room.

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